Second Chamber puts an end to expansion of cannabis experiment.

05-3-2024 The cannabis experiment will not be expanded to the Amsterdam Coffee shops in the East district.


On Tuesday, the Second Chamber voted against the bill to add an eleventh location to the experiment with legal cannabis.


Since December, all coffeeshops in Breda and Tilburg have been selling legally cultivated weed as part of an experiment.


These two municipalities are the pioneers, with eight others soon to follow suit.

cannabis experiment in the Netherlands

It was intended that the Coffee shops in Amsterdam East district eventually join the experiment, but the Chamber has put a stop to that.


The PVV, the largest party in the Chamber, has always been against the experiment. This also applies to DENK and SGP. 


NSC and BBB also voted against the expansion of the experiment on Tuesday, as did CDA and ChristenUnie. These last two parties supported the experiment in recent years, but now that they no longer have to adhere to the coalition agreement since the fall of the cabinet, they no longer support it.


VVD, D66, GL-PvdA, SP, FVD, PvdD, Volt, and JA21 were in favor of expanding the experiment.


The PVV wanted to go even further. That party called on the caretaker cabinet through a motion to pause the entire experiment, but this plan did not receive enough support.

The much-discussed trial has been the subject of discussion in political The Hague for over a decade. It has been postponed several times, to the frustration of municipalities eager to participate.


Coffeeshops are allowed to sell weed, but they still receive the product illegally. The government aims to use the experiment to assess whether the delivery to coffeeshops can be better organized, so that criminals no longer have a grip on the weed production. Legal growers have been sought for the project.


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