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Coffeeshop City Hall

Coffee shop City Hall is conveniently located in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, just a short distance from the central railway station.


Despite its small size, this coffeeshop offers a cozy atmosphere where patrons can enjoy drinks and cannabis snacks, including cannabis gummies. However, it's worth noting that there have been some negative reviews online regarding the staff, with claims of rudeness and potentially ripping off tourists.


If you've recently visited Coffee shop City Hall during your 420 tour, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Your insights will help fellow travelers make informed decisions. Thank you!

Coffeeshop City Hall Amsterdam
Coffeeshop City Hall Amsterdam

Overview of coffeeshop City Hall and visitor reviews & ratings:

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Address & Opening Hours:

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 189

1012 EW Amsterdam

latitude/longitude 52.371536, 4.89571

Open 7/7

10.00 - 01.00 Hours

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Pricing Cannabis:

This coffee shop is situated in the heart of the Red Light District, an area known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings.


However, with many coffee shops in the vicinity already closed, we're uncertain about the status of this particular establishment.


If you have any recent updates regarding its operation, please share them with us.


Additionally, if the coffee shop is still welcoming patrons, we would be grateful for any information about their pricing and menu offerings.


Thank you for your assistance!

Coffeeshop & Cannabis Reviews and Comments:

Comments: 3
  • #3

    Anyone (Tuesday, 13 February 2024 08:08)

    AVOID THIS PLACE! This shop is a scam, the staff are racist (particularly the guy with the beard) their bud is overpriced,Sub par and mislabelled, I watched them try and short change every single customer that wasn’t Dutch and the place was obviously not cleaned very often, tables were sticky, music was terrible.
    I’d suggest you walk straight past this dump and into the greenhouse next door

  • #2

    Dan (Sunday, 06 August 2023 13:05)

    I was there in 2019 and found nice that you could get a drink and smoke weed from other places there, too.
    Always ask first and be kind - that's the rule. If they say no, try next one and chill.

  • #1

    James E (Monday, 28 November 2022 05:28)

    City Hall Coffeeshop -
    Sold us 60 euro of weed and said we were welcome to smoke it there later. When we came back and bought drinks, he told us we could not smoke in there unless we bought more. Then proceeded to pretend he didn't remember us with this really ridiculous, obviously fake confused act; I can’t believe anyone older than 12 would behave like this.
    Absolute scumbag, just mugging people off for money, gives his city and the people of Amsterdam a bad name. Amsterdam has changed over the last 28 years I've been going and this attitude typifies what has changed for the worse which, I’m sad to say, is the reason I will not be going back.

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