Coffee shops in Breda allowed to increase stock of regulated cannabis


BREDA - Breda's coffee shops selling legally cultivated cannabis are now permitted to stock up on as much cannabis as they need. The limit on the allowed quantity of regulated cannabis that coffee shops in Breda and Tilburg could hold during the pilot phase of the cannabis experiment is being lifted.


The ministries had imposed a restriction of a maximum of 500 grams on the amount of regulated cannabis products that coffee shops could have.


The first legally cultivated cannabis was sold in Breda on December 15, 2023. Now, more than two months later, the initial experiences shared by coffee shop owners indicate that the 500-gram limitation on regulated products in coffee shops poses practical implementation challenges during the pilot phase.


Rick Brand and Ed Pattché had previously told BredaVandaag, "It is inexplicable that there is a maximum limit on a legal product at all. I place eleven to fourteen orders a day to keep my stock up,'' said Brand. "This also creates problems for the growers. The closest one is in Waalwijk. If they have to go out for a few grams, it is not profitable," added Pattché.

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After consultation with the parties involved, the Ministers of Justice and Security and Health, Welfare and Sport have decided that the mayors of Breda and Tilburg can increase the maximum trading stock for regulated products. This also aligns with the conditions that will apply during the transition phase to and the ultimate experiment.


Mayor Paul Depla of Breda is pleased with the ministers' commitment: "With this adjustment in the conditions, we respond to the feedback we receive from coffee shop owners. The aim of the pilot phase was also to gain insights together with them and other partners for the large-scale experiment, detect teething problems, and perfect the process. This way, the sale of regulated products is facilitated in practical terms, which benefits the progress of this phase.

Source: Hanneke Marcelis - Breda Today

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