Stadskoffiehuis De Hobbit

Coffeeshop Stadskoffiehuis The Hobbit, is a small coffeeshop with a little smoking area where you can order small snacks to eat. Not a lot of strains in pre-weighted sealbags, so you don't see really what you get for your money.

Close to the railway station and they do accept tourist, belges and french. Just show your ID to proove your 18+!

Address & Opening Hours:

Beekstraat 50,

6001 GJ Weert,



Phone: +31 495 541 120



Open: 10.00 - 21.00 hours



Pricing Cannabis:

from 6 euros up to 14 euros the gramm. They don't weight in front off you, all in pré-filled sealed bags.

coffeeshop de hobbit weert

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