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Coffeeshop Caza in Tilburg will be secured 24 hours a day after recent shootings.

Tilburg 1-4-2024 Coffeeshop Caza in Tilburg will be secured 24 hours a day for the next two weeks on orders from the mayor. Saturday night, the coffeeshop was shot at. It marks the seventh "attack" on the establishment, prompting the municipality to escalate security measures.

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Nowhere are as many joints smoked as in Rotterdam: 'I'm always a little stoned.

25-3-2024 Het laatste nieuws Rotterdam -  Crumbing, rolling, licking, and lighting up. According to recent research, nowhere in Europe would as much smoking occur as in Rotterdam. 74-year-old Willem Bes is one of those smokers: 'I only smoke small ones, you know. I think about six joints a day.

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Coffee shops in Breda allowed to increase stock of regulated cannabis

13-3-2024 BREDA - Breda's coffee shops selling legally cultivated cannabis are now permitted to stock up on as much cannabis as they need. The limit on the allowed quantity of regulated cannabis that coffee shops in Breda and Tilburg could hold during the pilot phase of the cannabis experiment is being lifted.

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Germany is legalizing cannabis use

German cannabis clubs must reduce cannabis consumption: 'This is the best form of legalization ever' 


Germany is set to regulate the consumption of cannabis in a unique way: no coffeeshops, but "cannabis clubs". This will take effect by the end of this year. First, a warning campaign against the soon-to-be legal drug will be launched.

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Mayors are arguing for a hash and weed pick-up counter in coffeeshops now that drug dealers are taking over trade

Mayors are arguing for a hash and weed pick-up counter in coffeeshops, now that drug dealers are taking over trade.


Online drug dealers have begun to take over the hashish and weed business now that coffee shops have been closed immediately due to new cabinet measures against the covid-19 corona virus..


Prices are considerably higher. "Also give coffee shops the function of a take-away shop."


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Mayors are arguing for a hash and weed pick-up counters in coffeeshops now that drug dealers are taking over trade

Cannabis is NOT legal in The Netherlands

20-11-2019 Contrary to what most people think, cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, it is only tolerated to buy cannabis in coffee shops (maximum 5 grams per person).


The netherlands was once one of the first countries to tolerate cannabis use, today, where more and more countries are legalizing cannabis use, either for medicinal use only or for recreational use, the netherlands is tightening the rules.


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proud policeman seizing cannabis plant
© Wijkagent Harderwijk Zuid

Jeffrey from Katwijk is allowed to grow medicinal weed himself

Jeffrey from Katwijk is allowed to grow medicinal weed himself


KATWIJK - Jeffrey Kemper from Katwijk can continue to grow weed at home as a medicine. 

The court of appeal has determined that. 

Kemper grows the cannabis himself, because medicinal weed from the pharmacy does not help him with his autism.

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Coffee Shop Mellow Yellow in Amsterdam is still for rent after two years

coffeeshop mellow yellow for rent



More than two years after the forced closure, the legendary Coffeeshop Mellow Yellow is still empty. 

The situation seems hopeless. 

The approaching renovation of the Vijzelgracht, a towering rent and a hefty lump sum deter new tenants.

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Coffee shop holder arrested for ingenious cocaine smuggling

cocaine smuggling in plastic


The police arrested the 50-year-old coffeeshop holder, Ab S. in his home in Landsmeer on Tuesday morning. He is suspected of the ingenious smuggling of cocaine. The man threw a loaded firearm into his backyard shortly before his arrest. According to well-established sources from Crimesite, S. is a coffee shop holder.

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Dutch Police takes largest coffee shop on darkweb offline

dutch police takes illegal coffeeshop offline


The dutch police have rolled up the largest coffee shop on the dark web. At DutchMagic, customers ordered soft drugs for millions of euros per year.

During house searches, the police seized firearms, vehicles and for half a million euros in money and gold bars.

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Coffee shop The Game and The future Delft closed



Two coffeeshops in Delft, the game and the future are closed. After shootings and a handgranate wich was found, police shoot and killed a 17 years old wich tried again shooting at night at the shop, but did not see the surveilance waiting for him. 

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Fire Hazards in discovered marihuana nursery

marihuana nursery


The police has discovered two cannabis farms. A total of 439 plants were found and destroyed.

This morning, officers found a nursery in a hidden room in a garage at the Ambachtsweg. Also a motorcycle was found in the garage.

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French arrested with a lot of cash after visiting a growshop

dutch police van


Saturday morning, agents of the National Police arrested on suspicion of laundering money, two men from France.

Around 10:50 they saw a suspicious minivan in the parking Wouwse Tol along the A58. 

The minivan was then followed to the Gentian Street in Bergen op Zoom.

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Mayor from Heerlen wants to cultivate 500 kilograms of weed

Coffeeshop Heerlen


Een Vandaag reporter Harm Atteveld in the town hall of Heerlen. Mayor Mr. Depla tells that the city of Heerlen annually wants to cultivate 500 kilograms of weed in 14 different strains and deliver the local coffee shop in Heerlen to not only tolerate the use but also tolerating the cultivation of cannabis.

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