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Coffeeshop t'Kunsje

Coffeeshop t' Kunsje is the one who took over coffee shop labda who is now permanently closed. Nice coffeeshop with some interesting weed strains. Normaly this coffeeshop was about to expand, they had almost bought the building next to it, but the maire of Nijmegen placed a higher bid to avoid a this expantion.

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Address & Opening Hours:

Tweede Walstraat 108

6511 LW Nijmegen

Phone: +31 24 323 7955

latitude/longitude 51.84346, 5.862269


Open: 9.00 - 0.00 hours


Pricing Cannabis:

Coffeeshop Cannabis t'Kunsje Nijmegen
Coffeeshop t'Kunsje Nijmegen

Coffeeshop & Cannabis Reviews and Comments:

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