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Coffeeshop De Kroon - 2


 It's unfortunate to hear about another coffeeshop closure in Amsterdam due to new regulations. It seems that the local government's aim to reduce the number of coffeeshops, particularly in the red light district and city center, is having a significant impact on these establishments.


While the intention behind these regulations may be to address certain concerns or issues, such as overcrowding or public nuisance, it's important to consider the consequences for both business owners and consumers.

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Coffeeshops play a unique role in Amsterdam's culture and tourism, providing a safe and regulated environment for individuals to consume cannabis responsibly.


The closure of these establishments not only affects the livelihoods of business owners and their employees but also limits options for locals and tourists who enjoy visiting coffeeshops as part of their Amsterdam experience.


It's essential for policymakers to strike a balance between addressing concerns and preserving the city's vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. As always, it's crucial for stakeholders to engage in dialogue and work towards solutions that benefit all parties involved.


What are your thoughts on this matter? Feel free to share your comments below!



Coffee shop de Kroon (the first one) is still open!

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Address & Opening Hours:

Rietwijkerstraat 30

1059 XA Amsterdam

latitude/longitude 52.349308, 4.849115

Open 7/7

10.00 - 01.00 Hours

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Coffeeshop De Kroon-2 Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Kroon-2 Amsterdam

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