Coffeeshops re opened again only for take away

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17 march 2020


Coffee shops are allowed to open a cannabis take-away counter immediately

Coffee shops are allowed to immediately sell cannabis and hashish at a take-away counter. They must be able to arrange this logistically and also observe all hygiene measures prescribed because of the corona virus. For example, there should not be too many customers at the same time and they must keep a sufficient distance from each other.


Mayor Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen announced this on Monday after consultation of the 25 security regions with justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus. This decision was made to counter the street trade for weed and hashish.


The coffee shops had to close within half an hour on Sunday evening, just like other catering establishments, but after that it soon turned out that illegal trade was flourishing and suppliers were croaking through the city. The mayors were very concerned about this. Immediately after the announcement of the closure, long lines arose for coffee shops of customers who wanted to quickly get soft drugs.


According to the mayor, the long lines for the coffee shops were "a strange sensation".


Customers are now only allowed to pick up weed and not stay in the coffee shops, "just like you pick up a pizza from a pizzeria," said Bruls. Delivery is not the intention, because that is not allowed by law.



In addition, it has been agreed that an emergency ordinance to enforce all corona measures will take effect nationally. This allows authorities to act quickly against violations in all regions in the same way. According to Bruls, this concerns all the provisions that have been announced, such as what has been and must be closed. According to Bruls, this does not stop with a warning, but the authorities can immediately impose a fine.


Source: Dutch newspaper AD.NL

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