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Jeffrey from Katwijk is allowed to grow medicinal weed himself

Jeffrey from Katwijk is allowed to grow medicinal weed himself
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KATWIJK - Jeffrey Kemper from Katwijk can continue to grow weed at home as a medicine.


The court of appeal has determined that.


Kemper grows the cannabis himself, because medicinal weed from the pharmacy does not help him with his autism.

"I am glad that the judges now see that I cannot do anything else," Kemper responds. 'This is super good news and it gives a bit of peace and recognition. That you are not completely crazy. " Still, waiting for the verdict was exciting, he says. "You never know what the outcome is. It is always a matter of wait and see. "


De Katwijker had to appear in a civil case, because growing weed at home is forbidden in the Netherlands. The State wanted the home nursery to be rolled up, but the court ruled earlier this year that Kemper could still continue to grow weed.

No complaints

The court ruled in February that there have never been any complaints from local residents, that the Kemper nursery has undergone an electrical inspection and that a serious depression lurks when the plants are seized. The court of appeal now agrees.


Following the Kemper story, questions were asked in the Lower House of Parliament by Minister Bruno Bruins of Medical Care and Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus. SP, D66 and GroenLinks wanted to know if no exception could be made for people like Jeffrey.


Bruins replied at the beginning of April: 'Growing cannabis under unconditioned conditions can result in the composition and concentration of different substances in the end product always being different, so that the patient cannot be sure that the amount of use or dosage is the same every time. . These circumstances are impossible to achieve in a home situation. "


Despite the ruling, the case for Jeffrey Kemper is not yet ready. In this case it was about whether the plants of the Katwijker could be taken away. Later, another criminal case follows, in which it is determined whether he is punishable and whether the Opium Act applies to him or not. "And we look forward to that case with confidence," says Kemper. "It must end once."

Source: TV West

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