Coffee shop holder arrested for ingenious cocaine smuggling

cocaine smuggling in plastic


The police arrested the 50-year-old coffeeshop holder, Ab S. in his home in Landsmeer on Tuesday morning. He is suspected of the ingenious smuggling of cocaine. The man threw a loaded firearm into his backyard shortly before his arrest. According to well-established sources from Crimesite, S. is a coffee shop holder.


He is said to be involved in cocaine smuggling from Colombia. The cocaine, about ten kilograms in total, was ingeniously (probably melted) processed in a load of recyclable plastic (see photo).

During the search of S.'s house more than half a kilo of MDMA (good for producing more than one and a half thousand XTC tablets), 144 XTC tablets, a can of pepper spray and several expensive watches were found and seized. Allegedly the police have left the expensive car of the suspect.


S.'s 44-year-old wife has also been arrested. Together with her husband, she is suspected of money laundering and forgery. The woman's 19-year-old son was arrested because the police found 2 kilos of weed and a butterfly knife in his bedroom.


On the suspicion of the coke smuggling, a further 49-year-old man from Purmerend and a 44-year-old man from Amsterdam were arrested. A total of 4 homes and 5 companies were searched. In addition, around 55 XTC tablets, expensive watches, a car and more than 23,000 euros in cash were found and seized. The 3 men will be brought before the examining magistrate on Friday. The wife and her son have since been released.


source in dutch: crimesite

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