Coffeeshops Haarlem

Haarlem, situated not far from Amsterdam, boasts a charming and picturesque old city center where most of the coffee shops are nestled. The city exudes a warm and friendly atmosphere, with open-minded locals welcoming visitors with open arms. You'll find a variety of good strains and reasonable prices in almost every coffeeshop, making it a delightful destination for cannabis enthusiasts.


Click on the picture and visit the page of your favorite coffeeshop to leave comments if you have more information about the cannabis strains and prices or if you have other hints and tips for fellow tourists looking to enjoy some cannabis.


Aside from the well-known options for weed or hash, we often receive inquiries about space cakes. While it seems like a tempting treat, it's become increasingly rare to find coffee shops that still sell them.


Rumors suggest that space cakes can be too potent and difficult to dose correctly, leading to unwanted effects. If you've visited a coffeeshop in Haarlem that still offers space cakes, please do leave a comment to share your experience.


Your insights can help fellow travelers navigate their cannabis adventures in Haarlem.


Thanks for your contributions!

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Clic on the pic of your favorit coffeeshop and give us your  comments!

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafé 2000 Haarlem
Coffeeshop 2000
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Birdy Haarlem
Coffeeshop Birdy
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Dreamland Haarlem
Coffeeshop Dreamland
Coffeeshop Easy Going Haarlem
Coffeeshop Easy Going

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Empire Haarlem
Coffeeshop Empire
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe High Times
Coffeeshop High Times
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Key West Haarlem
Coffeeshop Key West
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Liberty Haarlem
Coffeeshop Liberty

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Maximillian Haarlem
Coffeeshop Maximillian
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Regine Haarlem
Coffeeshop Regine
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Sandman Haarlem
Coffeeshop Sandman
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Take Away Haarlem
Coffeeshop Take Away

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe The Lounge
Coffeeshop The Lounge
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Theehuis Haarlem
Coffeeshop Theehuis
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Willie Wortel Indica
Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Indica
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Willie Wortel Sativa
Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Sativa

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Willie Wortel Sensimilla Haarlem
Willie Wortel Sensimilla
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Willie Wortel Workshop Haarlem
Willie Wortel Workshop
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