Coffeeshops Rotterdam

Welcome to the Rotterdam Coffeeshops Directory! While we've selected only a few for this directory, there are plenty more to explore in the city.


However, we must acknowledge that Rotterdam may not be considered the ideal destination for coffeeshop tourists. The city has its challenges, with reports of drug runners hanging around, especially at night. But hey, who are we to judge?


Despite its drawbacks, Rotterdam still offers a unique cannabis scene worth exploring. From cozy neighborhood joints to more bustling establishments, there's something for everyone here.


We encourage you to share your experiences at Rotterdam cannabis cafés by leaving comments at the bottom of each coffeeshop page.


Your insights can help fellow travelers navigate the city's cannabis culture and contribute to keeping our directory up to date.


Thanks for your contributions, and happy exploring!


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Clic on the pic of your favorit coffeeshops to enter and leave us your comments please!

Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Amigo Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Amigo
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Bilbao Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Bilbao
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Bob Marley Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Bob Marley
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Centrum
Coffeeshop Centrum

Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Countdown Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Countdown
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café De Huyskamer Rotterdam
Coffeeshop De Huyskamer
Coffeeshop Cannabis café London Rotterdam
Coffeeshop London
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Nemo Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Nemo

Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Out Of Time Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Out Of Time
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Reefer Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Reefer
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Sensi Smile Rotterdam
Coffeeshop Sensi Smile
Coffeeshop Cannabis Café Sky High
Coffeeshop Sky High

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