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Amsterdam Coffee shop adresses en reviews, a lot of changings are going on in the city center of Amsterdam after a new law who permits to close down a lot off coffeeshops too close to schools, and the coffeeshops in the red light district.


Recently the new maire of Amsterdam proposed to close down all the coffeeshops in Amsterdam to tourists, just like the coffeeshops at the border, like Maastricht and Breda to avoid drug tourism. Stay tuned and visit the news pages!


The prices of weed and hasjies are a bit more expensive than other big cities in the Netherlands. Most coffee shops in the city center, or rather all coffeeshops around the center, visit them by foot or bike, Amsterdam has a huge parking problem you can pay up to 50 euros for a day!


Please leave your comments about the Amsterdam coffeeshops, your opinion about the service, the weed strains and prices, thanks for your help and have a nice stay in Amsterdam!


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Top 10 - Best visited Coffeeshops Amsterdam

Top Ten most famous coffee shops of Amsterdam. These are the ones you have to visit at least one time when you are visiting Amsterdam, put these coffeeshops on your tour list!

# 1

Coffeeshop Weedshop Club Media Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Club Media

# 2

Coffeeshop Weedshop Barney's Farm Amsterdam
Barney's Farm

# 3

Coffeeshop Weedshop The Grasshopper Amsterdam
The Grasshopper

# 4

Coffeeshop Weedshop Greenhouse Center Amsterdam
Greenhouse Center

All Amsterdam Coffee Shops from A - Z

"Just clic on the pic" and leave comment on your favorit coffee shop page!

Coffeeshop Abraxas Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Abraxas Too Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Abraxas Too
Coffeeshop Amnesia Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Amnesia
Coffeeshop Andalucia Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Any Day Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Any Day
Coffeeshop Arabica Lounge Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Arabica Lounge
Coffeeshop Atlantis Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Atlantis
Coffeeshop Atlas Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Atlas

Coffeeshop Baba Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Baba
Coffeeshop Babylon Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Bagheera Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Bagheera
Coffeeshop Balou Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Barentz Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Barentz
Coffeeshop Barney's Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Barney's
Coffeeshop Barney's Farm Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Barney's Farm
Coffeeshop Barney's Lounge Amsterdam
Barney's Lounge

Coffeeshop Barraka Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Basjoe Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Basjoe
Coffeeshop Ben Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Ben
Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Best Friends

Coffeeshop Best Friends II Amsterdam
Best Friends II
Coffeeshop Betty Boop Amsterdam
Betty Boop
Coffeeshop Betty Too Amsterdam
Betty Too
Coffeeshop Biba Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Biba

Coffeeshop Black Star Amsterdam
Black Star
Coffeeshop Blue Lagoon Amsterdam
Blue Lagoon
Coffeeshop Blue Sea Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Blue Sea
Coffeeshop Bluebird

Coffeeshop Blues Brothers Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Blues Brothers
Coffeeshop  Bronx Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Bronx
Coffeeshop Bulldog Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Bulldog

Coffeeshop Bullwackie Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Bullwackie
Coffeeshop Bushman Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Bushman
Coffeeshop Carmona Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Carmona
Coffeeshop Catch 33 Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Catch 33

Coffeeshop Central Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Central
Coffeeshop Cheech & Chong Amsterdam
Cheech & Chong
Coffeeshop City Hall Amsterdam
Coffeeshop City Hall
Coffeeshop Club Media Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Club Media

Coffeeshop Crash Light Amsterdam
Crash Light
Coffeeshop Crush
Coffeeshop Crush
Coffeeshop D & L Amsterdam
Coffeeshop D & L
Coffeeshop De Bommel Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Bommel

Coffeeshop De Dampkring Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Dampkring
Coffeeshop De Dampkring 2 Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Dampkring 2
Coffeeshop De Graal Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Graal
Coffeeshop De Kade Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Kade

Coffeeshop De Keeper Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Keeper
Coffeeshop De Kroon Amsterdam
De Kroon
Coffeeshop De Kroon 2 Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Kroon 2
Coffeeshop De Overkant Hortus Amsterdam
De Overkant Hortus

Coffeeshop De Prijs Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Prijs
Coffeeshop De Republiek Amsterdam
De Republiek
Coffeeshop De Supermarkt Amsterdam
Coffeeshop De Supermarkt

A lot off Amsterdam coffeeshops in the city center of Amsterdam , (red light district) are on a list to be closed between 2016 - 2020.


If you have found your favorite coffeeshop on our website, please share your opinion on the coffee shop page in the comment section,


thanks for your help to keep updated!!

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