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Coffeeshop Arabica Lounge

This coffeeshop is permently closed. By the justice department? New local restrictions? The governement dous everything to reduce the number off coffee shops in Amsterdam. Grazy (in our opinion) rules, for exemple, no coffeeshops aloud in 500 meters (yes, meters, make the calcul in inches please) from a school or college! If you have coffee shop at 600 meters it is ok and our students will be protected from smoking herb...Sure! 


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Address & Opening Hours:

Amstelstraat 45,  

1017 DA Amsterdam

latitude/longitude 52.366215, 4.900087


Open 7/7

From 10.00 to 1.00 Hours

Pricing Cannabis:

Coffeeshop Weedshop Arabica Lounge Amsterdam
Coffeeshop Arabica Lounge Amsterdam

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