Coffeeshop Uncle Sam

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Adress & Openings Hours:

Driekoningenstraat 21a

6828 EL Arnhem

latitude/longitude 51.983982, 5.920674

Open on weekdays:

10.00 - 22.00 Hours

Pricing Cannabis:

Coffeeshop Weedshop Uncle Sam Arnhem
Coffeeshop Uncle Sam Arnhem

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Comments: 6
  • #1

    Sister Sam (Saturday, 25 April 2015 02:30)

    What happened to the F1 car in the coffeshop

  • #2

    giuseppe (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 09:46)

    Good morning,
    i m writing to ask you if coffeshops in Arnehm allow non dutch tourist to enter and stay inside or if it s prohibited like in maastricht...

    thank you for answering

  • #3

    guide coffeeshops (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 10:36)

    Morning Guiseppe,

    Ok for Arnhem, also Nijmegen!
    Cheers René

  • #4

    Andy (Thursday, 01 September 2016 04:24)

    Can you buy vape cannabis in Arnham?

  • #5

    dutch coffeeshops (Thursday, 01 September 2016 10:55)

    Hi Andy,

    Sorry i don' t know what you mean, if it is herbe to put in your vaporizer i would say offcourse, if it is liquid you need to vape by sigaret electronic i have no idea :-(

  • #6

    Suze's Dad (Wednesday, 05 September 2018 23:13)

    تحياتي من والد سوزا ... لقد غالبًا ما كنت في متجرك وأعرف ذلك جيدًا. أود أن أطلب منكم أن تبقي عينيك وتحميها ... لأنك تعرف حالتها ... وإذا أصيبت مجدداً بصديقها ... سيصبح الله قاضيه ... أنت تعرف من يهمه الأمر ... تكلم معه قبل أن ينسى أن سوز هي ابنتي ... شكرا لك!

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