Coffeeshops Adresses in the Netherlands

Welcome to our comprehensive overview of coffee shops in the Netherlands! Whether you're planning a trip to explore the vibrant cities or just want to unwind with a cup of coffee and some quality cannabis, we've got you covered.


Before you dive into our coffee shop listings, it's essential to note that regulations can vary from city to city. If you're already set on a destination, be sure to check out the latest updates on accessibility for tourists.


For instance, Tilburg has opened its doors to tourists since March 2018, allowing them to enter coffee shops simply by presenting a valid ID confirming their age as 18 or above.

If you're considering Tilburg, we'd love to hear your experiences! Feel free to leave comments about the prices of cannabis, the ambiance inside the coffee shops, or any updates to our information. Your feedback helps fellow travelers make informed choices and ensures our data remains accurate and up to date.


However, if you have your sights set on Breda or Maastricht, it's important to note that these cities are still closed to foreigners when it comes to accessing coffee shops. Regulations may evolve over time, so be sure to stay informed about any changes if you're planning a visit to these areas.


Whether you're seeking a cozy corner to relax or a social spot to meet fellow enthusiasts, the Netherlands offers a diverse array of coffee shops to suit every preference.


So, pick your city, explore our listings, and embark on a memorable journey through the world of Dutch coffee culture. Enjoy responsibly and have a fantastic experience!

Dutch Coffeeshops by City:

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