Coffeeshops Breda

Coffeeshops in Breda are not aloud to sell cannabis to tourists. You have to be a dutch citizen and show your BSN or GBA registration number and ID, if you work or study in the netherlands temporarely.

Close cities nearby who accept foreigners will be Terneuzen, Rotterdam or Eindhoven.


Sometimes local rules change after elections or what ever other event, so please take a look at the news menu to see what' s changing. At the moment only coffeeshops near the border with Belgium or Germany practise this law, coffeeshops further from the border do sell to tourists.

Clic on the pic of your favorit coffeeshop to enter!

Coffeeshop De Baron Breda
Coffeeshop De Baron
Coffeeshop Fly N Hy Breda
Coffeeshop Fly N Hy
Coffeeshop Majestic Breda
Coffeeshop Majestic
Coffeeshop Paradijs Breda
Coffeeshop Paradijs

Coffeeshop Pax De Boot Breda
Coffeeshop Pax De Boot
Coffeeshop Purple Rain Breda
Coffeeshop Purple Rain
Coffeeshop The Cat Breda
Coffeeshop The Cat
CBD Oil 12%

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