Coffeeshops Leiden

Leiden is a lovely city adorned with charming small canals, where bicycles gracefully glide along spacious paths. Its picturesque streets invite leisurely strolls, making it a delightful destination for visitors.


Known as the students' city of the Netherlands, Leiden pulses with youthful energy and intellect, creating a vibrant atmosphere.


Coffeeshops and cannabis cafés in Leiden typically open their doors late in the afternoon, around 16:00, after school hours. This timing allows students and locals alike to unwind and enjoy quality weed, which is often priced more affordably than in Amsterdam, conveniently just a 30-minute drive away.


The good news for cannabis enthusiasts from near and far is that Leiden welcomes all foreigners with open arms. There are no restrictions for tourists; no need for papers, just a valid identification document such as an ID card or passport will grant you access to the city's cannabis offerings. So, whether you're here to explore the historic landmarks or indulge in some herbal delights, Leiden has something for everyone to enjoy!

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Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Bebop Leiden
Coffeeshop Bebop
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Coffee & Dreams Leiden
Coffeeshop Coffee & Dreams
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe De Eerste Kamer Leiden
Coffeeshop De Eerste Kamer
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Double AA Leiden
Coffeeshop Double AA

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Goa Leiden
Coffeeshop Goa
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Groenewoud Leiden
Coffeeshop Groenewoud
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Joy Leiden
Coffeeshop Joy
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Le Palais Leiden
Coffeeshop Le Palais

Coffeeshop cannabiscafe Leidse Plein Leiden
coffeeshop Leidse Plein
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Paradise Leiden
Coffeeshop Paradise
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Relaxed Leiden
Coffeeshop Relaxed
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Stop and Goa
Coffeeshop Stop and Goa

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