Coffeeshop Caza in Tilburg will be secured 24 hours a day

Tilburg 1-4-2024 Coffeeshop Caza in Tilburg will be secured 24 hours a day for the next two weeks on orders from the mayor. Saturday night, the coffeeshop was shot at. It marks the seventh "attack" on the establishment, prompting the municipality to escalate security measures.


The coffeeshop had already been under surveillance daily from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM as ordered by the court. This surveillance is being extended following Saturday night's shooting.


No one was injured in the shooting incident. The police are searching for two suspected perpetrators.


coffeeshop caza in tilburg under police protection
photo: De Gelderlander


The establishment was closed during the shooting incident. The owner had decided to keep the coffeeshop closed for two weeks after a firebomb was thrown at the building on Wednesday. 


Over the past two years, the coffeeshop has been shot at multiple times. There have also been attempts to set it on fire, and a hand grenade was left at the door.

Police have had enough after another attack on a coffee shop in Tilburg: 'No coincidence anymore, this must stop'

 Coffeeshop Caza on Gasthuisring in Tilburg was shot at around 9:45 PM on Saturday night. The police have begun a search for two possible perpetrators. This marks the seventh time the coffeeshop has been targeted in an attack.


According to the police, this cannot be a coincidence anymore. 'This must stop,' they wrote in a press release.


The police are looking for two men dressed in black, one of whom wore a scarf and a hat.


Since the coffeeshop was closed, there were no casualties in the incident, but damage to one of the windows occurred. Witnesses are urged to come forward to the police.

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At least three bullet casings were found in front of the building. The police marked the discovery with a cone. The premises were opened about an hour after the attack. The police conducted an investigation inside while the man who provided access remained outside waiting. He did not want to provide further explanation or answer questions.


This is not the first time the coffeeshop has been the target of violence: a few days ago, a firebomb was thrown, and earlier attempts were made to cause an explosion with heavy fireworks. According to the police, 'this cannot be a coincidence anymore.' They wrote in a press release that the detectives have not yet been able to determine the source of the violence. 'But this must stop.'


Since earlier attacks, the police and the municipality of Tilburg have suspected that problems have arisen between the operator and criminals from Utrecht. The operator vehemently denies this.


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