Coffeeshops Nijmegen

Many years ago, the city counsel of Nijmegen wanted get rid off the coffeeshops in the residential area. All coffee shops had to be concentrated in the city center.


Now 10 years later they want to do the opposit. No-one understand it anymore.


Fact is, a lot of problems about noise and dirt due hard drug use around the coffeeshops outside in the streets.


We will follow the newspapers and get you informed if they have to move out the center!

coffeeshops map nijmegen

Clic on the pic of your favorit coffeeshop and please leave us your comments!

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Buggy Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Buggy
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Dakota Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Dakota
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe De Kronkel
Coffeeshop De Kronkel
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe De Wedren
Coffeeshop De Wedren

Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Headshop Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Headshop
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Jamaica Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Jamaica
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Ketama Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Ketama
Coffeeshop Cannabiscafe Kruidentuin Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Kruidentuin

Coffeeshop Labda Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Labda
Coffeeshop Lucky Luke Nijmegen
Coffeeshop Lucky Luke
Coffeeshop 't Kunsje Nijmegen
Coffeeshop 't Kunsje
Coffeeshop t' Wonder Nijmegen
Coffeeshop t' Wonder

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