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To enter a coffee shop in the Netherlands you need to be 18+ and show any time your pasport or ID card. (don't be surprised they also ask for it when you are 65+) Tourists or foreigners are welcome in most cities, except some cities around the border with Belgium or Germany.


Maastricht, Breda for exemple refuse tourists to avoid drug tourism. There you only can enter if you are a dutch citizen or live in Holland temporarely for work or study. If you can't find a coffeeshop near by you, than proberly you are to close to a school, it is forbidden to exploit a coffeeshop within 500 meters. Many coffee shops are disapeared sinds the government implanted this law.

Are you a coffee shop owner or a regular visitor?

Please help us to keep this coffeeshop guide up to date, take a look at your page and check if the info is still as it is, like opening hours and leave us some information in the comment section below. Even better, make a picture or a video of your menu and send it directly be email to our webmaster! 

Coffee shops near me, by city:

Just click on your favorit place in The Netherlands to see wich coffeeshops there are and read the comments about cannabis strains prices and more. If you have been in one of these coffeeshops, please help us and share your opinion, (each coffee shop page has a comment section on the bottom), thanks!

Coffeeshops & Cannabis Amsterdam
Coffeeshops & Cannabis Arnhem
Coffeeshops & Cannabis Breda
Coffeeshops & Cannabis Delft

Coffeeshops for smoking cannabis Eindhoven Netherlands
Coffeeshops or Weed Cafés -  Haarlem
Coffeeshops or Weed Cafés -  Heerlen
Coffeeshops or Weed Cafés -  Maastricht

Coffeeshops Weedshops Nijmegen
Coffeeshops or Weed Cafés -  Rotterdam
Coffeeshops or Weed Cafés -  Den Haag
The Hague - Den Haag
Coffeeshops or Weed Cafés -  Tilburg

Coffeeshops or Weed Cafés -  Utrecht
Coffeeshops Leiden

If you allready have been in one of the coffeeshops you found on our coffeeshop guide, please leave us your opinion in the comment sections on the bottom of their coffeeshop page, thanks to all of you who take that time, and thank you for visiting our dutch coffee shop guide !

Latest news about the coffeeshops and cannabis in the press:

Coffeeshop adresses and wich one is still open for tourists?

Coffeeshops near the borders with Belgium and Germany are closed for foreigners. They only can serve dutch people, or people with a dutch identity card. Now there will be a new minister of justice, we think that this will soon be changed.

Anyway, to check wich coffeeshop is still open, what they have on their menu, what time they open etc. you can find all the information here in the adresses menu, pick the town you want to visit in the menu.

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Growing Cannabis

How does cannabis grow,  Wich material do i need?

How to germ my cannabis seeds :  What's the different in the available lamps etc....

Main Cities with the most Coffeeshops in the Netherlands:

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