Mayor Mr. Depla from Heerlen wants to cultivate 500 kilograms of weed

Coffeeshop Heerlen
Coffeeshop Heerlen


Een Vandaag reporter Harm Atteveld in the town hall of Heerlen. Mayor Mr. Depla tells that the city of Heerlen annually wants to cultivate 500 kilograms of weed in 14 different strains and deliver the local coffee shops in Heerlen to not only tolerate the use but also tolerating the cultivation of cannabis.


Last year Mr. Depla signed with Mayor Van Gijzel of Eindhoven and other mayors from Brabant and Limburg the 'joint declaration'. Therein the Southern mayors called Minister Opstelten from the justice department to regulate the production of cannabis.


Is Mayor Mr. Depla right now coming with the results of his research now Minister Ivo Opstelten of Justice has just quit? Depla also responds to a report from the Heerlen "Meezenbroek area" a disadvantaged neighborhood, where residents say there are 60 to 70 illegal cannabis nurseries.

Regulated and controlled cannabis cultivation is practically possible. According to a study of the city of Heerlen that just presented.


The Mayor of the City Heerlen wants to offer a real alternative certified weed-producing company for illegal cannabis.



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