Coffeeshops Arnhem

Coffee shops in Arnhem warmly welcome tourists, requiring only an ID to verify age and identity. With 11 establishments to choose from, we've highlighted the 8 most visited below for your convenience. Simply click on the picture to explore!


Since the law has changed, you may notice some coffee shops without a smoking area or bar. It's no longer allowed to serve alcohol and sell cannabis in the same establishment. Some shops have adapted by splitting into two different areas: one for take-away and another for smoking and entertainment, such as playing games or watching your favorite sports match on a TV screen.


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Coffeeshop De Pinquin Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop De Pinquin
Coffeeshop De Walm - Weed Café Arnhem
Coffeeshop De Walm
Coffeeshop Joint Venture Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Joint Venture
Coffeeshop Lucky Luke Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Lucky Luke

Coffeeshop Omigo Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Omigo
Coffeeshop Speak Easy Arnhem
Coffeeshop Speak Easy
Coffeeshop Uncle Sam Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Uncle Sam
Coffeeshop Upstairs Arnhem
Coffeeshop Upstairs Arnhem

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