Coffeeshops Arnhem

Coffee shops in Arnhem are open for tourists, you just need your ID to show you are 18+ and/or for safety reasons, to show your identity. Arnhem has 11 coffeeshops, we put the 8 most visited below, just click on the pic!


Sinds the law has changed, you will find coffeeshops without a smoking area or bar, it is no more aloud to serve alcohol and selling cannabis in the same establishment. Some are split in 2 different areas, one take-away and one room to smoke and play games or watch your favorite foot match on a TV-screen.


Take a visite and leave some comments would be great, so we can updated weed strains and pricing. Thanks for your help!

Clic on the pic of your favorit coffeeshop to enter!

Coffeeshop De Pinquin Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop De Pinquin
Coffeeshop De Walm - Weed Café Arnhem
Coffeeshop De Walm
Coffeeshop Joint Venture Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Joint Venture
Coffeeshop Lucky Luke Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Lucky Luke

Coffeeshop Omigo Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Omigo
Coffeeshop Speak Easy Arnhem
Coffeeshop Speak Easy
Coffeeshop Uncle Sam Weedshop Arnhem
Coffeeshop Uncle Sam
Coffeeshop Upstairs Arnhem
Coffeeshop Upstairs Arnhem

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