Coffeeshops Delft

Delft is indeed a charming city to explore, renowned for its rich history and vibrant student culture akin to Leiden. As expected in a student-centric environment, coffeeshops near the universities tend to keep late hours to accommodate the bustling student population.


However, recent events have cast a shadow over the city's coffeeshop scene. The closure of two establishments, the Game and the Future, due to incidents involving shootings and the discovery of a hand grenade, has understandably rattled the community. As a result, the remaining coffeeshops in Delft have seen a surge in patrons, making them busier than usual.


Despite the challenges, Delft's coffeeshops continue to offer a welcoming atmosphere for patrons to enjoy their smoke indoors. It may require a bit of patience to find a comfortable spot to sit and unwind, but the experience is well worth it in this picturesque city.


Let's hope for a return to tranquility in Delft soon, allowing residents and visitors alike to enjoy the city's coffeeshops without any apprehension.

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Coffeeshop Weedshop De Bouddha Delft
Coffeeshop De Bouddha
Coffeeshop t Keldertje Delft
Coffeeshop t Keldertje Delft
Coffeeshop The Future Delft
Coffeeshop The Future Delft
Coffeeshop Weedshop The Game Delft
Coffeeshop The Game Delft

Coffeeshop Weedshop Vlouw Delft
Coffeeshop Vlouw Delft
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