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Coffeeshops Delft

Delft is a lovely city to visit, it is a student city as Leiden, so coffeeshops near the universities open late.

Lately again two coffee shops are closed down, the Game and the Future, due problems around shootings and the hand granate wich was found.

The coffee shops in Delft who are still open are more busy as usual by all this, so be patient to find you a nice spot to sit down and smoke inside.

click on the pic of your favorite coffee shop to enter!

Coffeeshop Weedshop De Bouddha Delft
Coffeeshop De Bouddha
Coffeeshop t Keldertje Delft
Coffeeshop t Keldertje Delft
Coffeeshop The Future Delft
Coffeeshop The Future Delft
Coffeeshop Weedshop The Game Delft
Coffeeshop The Game Delft

Coffeeshop Weedshop Vlouw Delft
Coffeeshop Vlouw Delft
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