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Unfortunally due the grazy dutch laws, coffee shops don' t have the right to advertise, only paying taxes.

Luckely we have some affiliate banners wich are covering our hosting costs. 

To update all the 500+ coffeeshop pages with pics after a renovation, or changed opening hours, name, owner, coffeeshops closed down by the gouvernement etc etc takes loads off time.

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If every stoner who passed by pay us 1 euro for a cup of coffee, we would be rich in no time, can you imagine !? 


Please donate us, so we can spend more time and translate more articles

(and get better translaters too ;-)

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Please support us and donate to claim your page, we will update it in 48 hours with your own pictures, updated prices, and text. Also you can get a permanent link to your website and/or facebook page!

420 tour 2020


Just a few coffee shops who are willing to pay us 150 euros could help us a lot, besides you will be the first coffeeshop on the list to visit during our 420 tour next summer 2020


Looking for French visitors? Your coffeeshop will be soon live on 

(under construction and only possible with YOUR help)

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